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spicy Hot & Spicy

Diet Menu

Steamed & Sauce on the Side
w. White Rice or Brown Rice

ST1. Steamed Mixed Vegetables (S) 5.00 (L) 8.00
ST2. Steamed Broccoli w. Bean Curd (S) 6.00 (L) 9.00
ST3. Steamed Bean Curd w. Mixed Vegetable (S) 6.00 (L) 9.00
ST4. Steamed Bean Curd w. String Bean (S) 6.00 (L) 9.00
ST5. Steamed Broccoli (S) 5.00 (L) 8.00
ST6. Steamed Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables (S) 6.50 (L) 10.00
ST7. Steamed Chicken w. Broccoli (S) 6.50 (L) 10.00
ST8. Steamed Chicken w. String Bean (S) 6.50 (L) 10.00
ST9. Steamed Chicken w. Bean Curd (S) 6.50 (L) 10.00
ST10. Steamed Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetables (S) 7.00 (L) 11.00
ST11. Steamed Shrimp w. Broccoli (S) 7.00 (L) 11.00
ST12. Steamed Shrimp w. Bean Curd (S) 7.00 (L) 11.00
ST13. Steamed Shrimp & Scallop w. Vegetables (S) 8.00 (L) 13.00
ST14. Steamed Shrimp w. String Bean (S) 7.00 (L) 11.00